Theatre Etiquette

  • Due to Health and Safety regulations and to ensure everyone’s experience at the theatre is an enjoyable one please adhere to the following;
  • Please do not obstruct your fellow audience member’s view of the stage. Please remember it’s dancing in the streets, NOT dancing in your seats.
    (A standing ovation at the end is always welcome!)
  • We love to hear you sing, but please refrain from doing so during a performance, unless directed by the performers.
  • Please respect our Front of House team. They are here to make sure you are safe and able to enjoy your theatre experience.
  • Please do not forget to turn off your mobile phone. Filming and photography are prohibited during the performance.
  • One last thing,  we want you to have a fantastic time at the Theatre so please do not be offended if we ask you to moderate your enthusiasm.

    Thank you