Theatre Etiquette

The New Theatre Royal Lincoln is a seated only venue.

We are a 128 year old Grade II listed Victorian building that was designed for seated viewing and therefore the building’s structure does not safely allow patrons to experience a performance in the same manner as in a concert hall, stadium, or outdoor venue.


We listen carefully to our patrons’ feedback and have over time, and will continue to, make adjustments and improvements when we can. However some things are simply out of our control, such as the protocols that we must apply for the health and safety of our patrons and our staff.

We understand that the high-energy some performances will naturally encourage you to stand and to dance. However, for many reasons, standing and dancing can be unsafe in our auditorium. Equally, some patrons will prefer to sit throughout the performance and some due to restricted mobility must sit; in both cases they will not want their view to be obscured. Because we want everyone to enjoy coming to our beautiful Victorian theatre, and be safe while doing so, we have put in place our ‘no standing, no dancing‘ policy for all of our performances.


NTR Etiquette Policy


Please do not forget to turn off your mobile phone

This can be distracting to the performers on stage and those around you.


Filming and photography are prohibited during the performance

As well as causing a potential distraction for the performers, it can obstruct the view of the people sat in the seats behind you and you will be asked to put your device away by our front of house team and management.


Please refrain from singing during the performance

This is unless you are invited to sing along by the cast of course! Singing loudly during performances can upset those around you who have paid to hear the performers on stage. 


Arriving on time

Our shows will begin as near to the designated start as possible. Please allow for travel delays, car parking, queuing etc. when considering what time you should leave home. Management reserve the right to refuse entry into the auditorium until the next suitable point or interval.


Please be kind on our social media platforms

We encourage positive feedback of your experience to be shared onto any, or all, of our social media platforms. However, if you have constructive criticism of the show or service, please don’t offer this on social media but instead email us directly on 


Please approach our Front of House team respectfully

Many of our ushers and usherettes volunteer their time to make sure you are safe and able to enjoy your theatre experience. If you encounter any problems during your visit, please just ask one of the team for their assistance and they shall endeavour to resolve matters immediately. We are extremely proud of our team who are trained in handling difficult situations professionally, however your patience and understanding is very much required to ensure that they can provide the highest level of customer service at all times.


Thank you