Seating Plan

Seating Plan

Seat Measurements

Royal Stalls (Lower Tier): 39cm wide x 42 cm deep. Leg room is 24 cm from seat front to the rear of the seat in front.

Royal Circle (Middle Tier): Seats are 39 cm wide x 42 cm deep. Leg room is 15cm to the top of the seat in front.

Royal Boxes (Restricted Viewing): Dining chair style seats.

Royal Balcony (Upper Tier): Bench seating with individual pads for each seat. 42cm wide x 40cm deep. The rearmost row is a single bench.

Seating Plan


Customers requiring access to the theatre in a wheelchair or motorised scooter, those that may have other special access needs and those that may have concerns over the suitability of theatre seating should make this known to the Box Office at the time of booking. Doing so will ensure that all access requirements and seating can be provided for.

Detailed information on accessibility can be found at We may have to deny access if we are unable to fulfil needs on arrival that have not been pre-informed.